Watertown Guidance Programming

Watertown Guidance Counselors provide a School Counseling program that is comprehensive, preventive and developmental. They deliver this program through School Guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, and system support. As credentialed School Counselors, they work in collaboration with a variety of faculty and staff to implement all of these program goals.

Guidance services are at the heart of a student's and a family's experience at school. Guidance Counselors welcome new parents to the District through both registration and Kindergarten tours and registration. They guide our youngest students through their development as they teach them to assume increasing, but age-appropriate, levels of self-advocacy and responsibility. They help them with peer relations and conflicts when bumps in the road arise, especially in middle and high school. They watch over a child's progress through General Education Team meetings (K-12) and provide accommodations through 504s when there is a need to level the playing field. Throughout a child's school experience, they assist as students move slowly or quickly through developmental challenges. They help guide a student in the setting of meaningful, realistic goals for career and college/post graduation training. And appropriately, it is a student's High School Guidance Counselor who will proudly read their name as they are called forward to receive their diploma.

Guidance Counselors are in place to manage many things in schools, but their main goal is to help your student along the path to their successes and dreams, be they the dreams of a Kindergartner, or the dreams of a 12th grader.

Please feel free to contact your child's Guidance counselor if you have questions or concerns about your child's school experience. They will be happy to help you.