Superintendent's pictureDr. Deanne Galdston

Ariel Kennebrew
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
and the School Committee​

WPS Superintendent's Entry Report - January 2018

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It is a great pleasure to serve as the superintendent of schools in Watertown.  I am exceptionally qualified to meet the unique challenge as the superintendent in a district whose commitment to excellence, equity, and community deeply resonates with my own core values and beliefs.  For the past 26 years, I have held many roles in education- teacher, curriculum coordinator, assistant principal, assistant superintendent, and now superintendent- I have worked tirelessly to promote my core belief that all students can and will learn in a culture that shares this belief.  All students should be provided with rich, rigorous, and relevant learning opportunities to develop their deep understanding of the world around them and to appreciate the significant civic responsibilities that they bear in that world.  I am proud to lead this amazing district as we prepare our students for their limitless future. 

Superintendent's Notebook

SuperintendentsNoteBook_Ep1_Nov22018 from WHS on WCATV on Vimeo.