Bus Information

2024-2025 Bus Information 

Student Transportation Handbook for Students and Parents

Manual de transporte estudiantil para estudiantes y padres

Bus Registration

2024-2025 Hosmer Bus Registration-WAITLIST

2024-2025 Boys and Girls Club Bus Registration-WAITLIST

2024-2025 Middle School Bus Registration-WAITLIST

2024-2025 High School Bus Registration-WAITLIST



June 10

Registration Deadline for all grades K-12.

July 1

Confirmation of each student’s bus registration will be emailed to the parent/guardian email address provided on the registration form for both free and optional fee based transportation. 

Hosmer Only July 22

Full payment is due; if payment is not received by the due date, the seat will be considered open and will be offered to the next person on the waitlist the day after the fee due date has passed per school committee seating capacity policy. To be fair to all, we do not make any exceptions.

Early August

Bus stop location and pick-up/drop-off times will be emailed to the email address provided.

All registrations received by June 10th will be processed by the WPS Business Office to determine the walking distance. Registrations that are received after June 10th will only be considered if space allows.  




School bus transportation is available to the Hosmer School from shared pickup points throughout the Hosmer school district designated area. Regardless of grade or distance from school, all students must register online to be eligible for bus transportation each year. Registrations do not roll over from year to year.  Bus ridership determination is based solely on walking distance (designated by school committee policy).

Hosmer Fees



Hosmer Grades K-5

No Fee - Students that live 1.5 or more miles from the school are eligible for free transportation per the school committee policy.

$300 per child ($475 Family Max) - Students that live 1 or more  miles of Hosmer may register for possible transportation per school committee seating capacity policy 


School Committee Seating Capacity for Fee Based In-District Transportation

In addition to students eligible for free transportation, the School Department administration will register students in grades K-5 for fee-based transportation services on the basis of greatest distance from the Hosmer Elementary School until such time as 90% of the capacity of the bus for each established route has been reached. The excess capacity will be reserved primarily for the purpose of accommodating registrations of new students moving into the school district who are eligible for free transportation. This is to ensure there will be no standees, a practice prohibited by this policy. The 90% capacity may be exceeded only if an agreement is signed by the student's parent or guardian indicating the understanding that the student could be "bumped" if another student eligible for free transportation moves into the district. Any fee paid would be refunded on a prorated basis.   The School Department administration will establish the bus routes, stops and schedules annually based on final student registrations.

Hosmer Fee Waiver

Families must annually apply for the school year need-based fee waiver by using this link. Families also need to complete this online waiver form. with this link. Please note that fee waivers do not affect eligibility or take priority over the distance determination. 


Families whose students secure a seat will be emailed a confirmation with instructions for payment via check, money order, or online payment.


2024-2025 Hosmer Bus Registration



 Please note that signing up for the Boys and Girls Club bus service does not guarantee a spot at the club. Our transportation service operates independently from the club's activities, and fees are not linked to Boys and Girls Club fees. Seats on our buses are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

2024-2025 Boys and Girls Club Bus Registration




This fall, when we open our Watertown High School at Moxley, we will be managing pick-up and drop-off for over 1200 students. Middle School and High School start and end times will be staggered to help mitigate the number of students. We anticipate that pick-up and drop-off times will be congested and we are encouraging all families to 


consider alternative options for arriving at the site, including walking, biking, or taking a bus. There will be no student parking in or around the site, and the expectation is that students will not be driving to school.

During the Watertown High School Construction, the building project plans provide for bus transportation to middle school and high school students in grades 6-12 who live .75 miles or more from the Middle School/Moxley site without a fee for students. Busing for .75 miles or more is guaranteed and if you live less than .75 miles from your respective school, you can apply to the waitlist and can be accepted to ride the bus according to capacity. Students and families who are interested in busing will be required to sign up for busing, with the expectation that anyone who signs up for busing will ride the bus to school every day and will carry with them their bus pass at all times. No one will be allowed to ride a Middle School/High School bus without a pass. We understand that there will be fluctuations in the number of students riding the bus in the afternoon due to after school activities. It is important to note that we will adjust bus schedules and stops if it is determined that students are not regularly riding the bus.

Regardless of grade or distance from school, all students must register online for the bus each year. Registrations do not roll over from year to year.  

There is no fee for Middle School or High School Students during the Watertown High School Construction. 

2024-2025 Middle School Bus Registration

2024-2025 High School Bus Registration


 School Bus Routes

Only students may board the bus.  Parents/caregivers are never allowed on the bus.

Bus routes and scheduled pickup times are reviewed each year and will be determined based on actual ridership. The routes are posted on the WPS Transportation page: WPS Transportation webpage in early August. All families whose student has a seat on the bus will also be sent the route information.

MBTA for Students

Families with Middle School and High School students may sign up for reduced-fare Student CharlieCards, valid on MBTA buses and subway. There are two types of Student CharlieCards available:

  • Unlimited Pass: This pass offers students unlimited access to the MBTA bus and subway system at a cost of $30 per month. This pass must be paid in two installments: $150 for September through January, then $150 for February through June. Contact the WPS Transportation Office for information on use of this pass during the summer months. If payments are not made when due the card is shut off by the MBTA.

  • Pay-As-You-Go Card: This card works like a prepaid charge card balance. Families can load money onto their passes at any MBTA kiosk. Funds are then deducted from the balance at a discounted student rate of 85¢ per bus ride and $1.10 per subway ride. There is no charge for families to obtain a pay-as-you-go card, but it will come loaded with $0 prepaid, so families are responsible for loading money onto their pay-as-you-go cards.

*The MBTA may change their fees at any time – WPS fees will change accordingly

Unlimited Pass can be paid for and picked up at the School Business Office at 30 Common Street Watertown, MA 02472, please email: [email protected] for more information.

Pay-As-You-Go Cards are available for pickup at both the Middle School and High School main offices.  Pay-As-You-Go Sign up Link


If you have additional questions, please contact us at  [email protected].