School Closure Information (Inclement Weather)

School Closure Information - Inclement Weather

We live in New England, and whether we love them or hate them, snow days may be just around the corner. As such, please review the information contained in this section regarding school closure protocols.

State law requires 180 days of instruction and also requires that any school closures (“snow days”) be made up before June 30. In the case of inclement weather or school closure for emergency reasons, information about school closures will be:

-Posted on the District’s website (, the WPS Facebook page (@watertownpublicschools) and the WPS Twitter feed (@watertownschool)

-Emailed to parents and staff from the Superintendent’s office via the District’s messaging service

-Broadcast to the following stations

  • WCVB Television (Channel 5)
  • WHDH Television (Channel 7)
  • NBC Boston (Channel 10 and NECN)
  • WFXT Television (Channel 25)
  • WBZ Television (Channel 4)
  • WBZ Radio (AM 1030)

Some television stations provide a free text alert service notifying of closures and delays (e.g.,

We will post on the above locations as soon as the decision is made. On most occurrences, the decision to open, delay, or close school is made between 5:30 and 6:00 AM. It is only on rare occasions that conditions are such that a clear decision can be made the night before. In those cases, we endeavor to make the decision to have it broadcast on the 11:00 PM news. Additionally, the District will call households once a decision has been made about the school cancellation or delay.

Delayed Openings

A delayed opening may be announced to allow the District and/or Department of Public Works to adequately prepare streets, walkways, and parking lots for safe travel. Delayed openings will be for one (1) hour to two (2) hours after the schools’ regular scheduled start times. Before-school programs are canceled on days with delayed openings. Lunch will be served at the regular time and school will close at the regular time.


Preschool classes are canceled on days of school closure. On days with delayed school openings, AM preschool will be canceled and PM preschool will begin at the usual time.

Extended Day

Extended Day programs are canceled on days of school closure. On days with delayed openings, before-school Extended Day programs are canceled and after-school Extended Day programs begin as usual.

On occasion, the District may call for an early release or cancel PM and evening activities including after-school Extended Day programs. Please check the aforementioned television and radio stations for notifications of PM closures.

Please DO NOT CALL the School Department, Police Department, or Fire Department for school cancellation information as these lines must remain open for emergency situations.