Elementary Schools Building Project History

Background: In 2017, following the School Facilities Master Plan completed the previous year, the Town of Watertown and the Watertown Public Schools started a major planning effort to renovate or replace the three existing elementary schools. Ai3 Architects was hired early in the year to assist with this planning. On July 27, Ai3 presented to a joint meeting of the School Committee and Town Council an overview outlining how the three elementary schools might be undertaken as one construction project. On August 14, the School Committee voted to proceed with a feasibility study for this major project. Supporting this action, on October 24, the Town Council approved funding for Daedalus Projects, Inc. to serve as the Owner's Project Manager. On December 12, the Town Council approved funding to hire Ai3 as the Architectural Designer for this project. Below is a link to the website maintained by Daedalus for the elementary schools project.

Elementary Schools Project Website


Lowell Exterior

Cunniff Exterior