Curriculum Maps, K-12

Rubicon Atlas Curriculum Management System (Atlas, henceforth) - 2023 - 2024 School Year

This is our WPS Atlas Curriculum Management System, which is open to our parents, guardians, and students on our public site. Our Principals have shared our K-8 curriculum brochures with families:
KG1 | G2 | G3 | G4 | G5 | G6
G7 | G8

and our grades 9 - 12 WHS Program of Studies, which house a general overview K - 8, and specific course descriptions at the high school level. If you desire more detailed information around your child’s curriculum, you may find it on our Atlas Curriculum Management System’s Public Site link. Directions for use are on the homepage.

The curriculum maps in Atlas identify the following sections for public view on most courses. (The course development is ongoing.)

  1. Course Descriptions
  2. Unit Description
  3. Standards & Benchmarks
  4. Enduring Understandings
  5. Essential Questions

At the elementary level, Curriculum Maps and Course Descriptions are available for all core elementary subjects: Math, Science, Literacy - Reading & Writing, Social Studies. Some elementary units that take place later in the year are under construction and will be updated in Altas prior to implementation. Elementary English as a Second Language units are under construction.


At the secondary level (WMS, WHS), ~90 percent of the courses display curriculum information. Secondary ESL units for English Language Development (ELD) classes are still under construction.