Translation and Interpreter Services

How to request an Interpreter or a Translator:

What is the difference between an interpreter and a translator?

An interpreter is a person who takes an oral message from one language and expresses the intent and meaning of the message accurately in another language. Interpreters can be arranged for parent conferences, school meetings, or any other information that needs to be communicated to parents in a language they understand. If you need assistance with this form contact: Cristiana Marques

translator is someone who translates a written document from one language to another. The English as a Second Language (ESL) Program office can translate special education and other documents into a language parents understand.
How do I request an interpreter?

If you need an interpreter, please fill out the Interpreter Services Request Form. Here is a link to the Family Liaisons - for Pashto, Portuguese, and Spanish. Diane Ferrigno will contact you with the information about the interpreter scheduled. Please allow sufficient processing time. It is difficult to find interpreters for some languages so lead time is necessary.

How do I request a translator?

If you need an IEP translated, please contact the Special Education Department. For other documents, please email Kate Phillipson. For translations, send the document to Kate Phillipson and she will arrange to have the document translated. Once it is complete, she will send you the translated document.