General Announcements

Erase The Stigma

A week of awareness and education for all ages to build hope, health, and healing around OPIOID ADDITCTION. OCTOBER 18TH TO 25TH [click here to view and download document]

2015-16 Public Flu Clinics for Watertown Residents

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FY16 Bus Transportation Information & Registration

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New ESL Resources Page for Families & Educators

[Click here for ESL Page]

Watertown Community Foundation

Have a Block Party. Get to know your neighbors. WCF will sponsor neighborhood Block Parties for up to $200.00 for each Watertown neighborhood every year. [click here for more information]

Measles: Make Sure Your Child Is Fully Immunized

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
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Building Resiliency in Children after the Boston Marathon Bombing and Watertown Manhunt: A Forum for Parents

[LIsten, Protect, and Connect -
Helping you and your child in times of disaster - pdf]