Watertown High School Building Project History

August 16, 2018 - Steps 1-4 in the Eligibility Period (see Major Modules in the MSBA Core Building Program) have been completed. The next steps, to be completed this fall, include a vote by the Town Council to approved funding for a feasibility study and execution of a Feasibility Study Agreement with the MSBA. Once these steps are completed, the School Building Committee will begin Module 2, which involves hiring an Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) and Architect for the high school project. This project team will undertake the feasibility study. Below are links to relevant documents and websites.

WHS Exterior

Major Modules in the MSBA Core Building Program

Massachusetts School Building Authority

Historical Documents:

December 2017: Acceptance of Watertown into MSBA Core Building Program

April 2017: High School Statement of Interest

December 2016: High School Review by NEASC