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Extended Day Programming: General

  1. What is Watertown Community Education?
    Watertown Community Education is a self-sustaining program of the Watertown Public Schools. We provide quality learning and enrichment experiences for adults and children. Watertown Community Education is committed to lifelong learning and building partnerships that provide programs that meet the needs of our community.

  2. What is the Extended Day Program?
    The Extended Day Program provides after school care for children in Grades Pre-K through Grade 5 until 6PM daily. In addition, the Program offers a safe and enriching place during conference days, full days February and April vacations and ten weeks during the summer. For more information contact Debi Cornelius, Director of Community Ed. at 617-923-7653, [email protected].

  3. What are building-based Extended Day Programs?

  4. a. Cunniff Extended Day Program
    The Cunniff Extended Day Program is a school based program that strives to provide a safe and nurturing environment. Children of all abilities are welcome. We provide a program with a wide range of educational and recreational opportunities. Children are exposed to a variety of activities that are designed to be age appropriate. Homework time and assistance are provided daily as needed. Lead Teachers plan fun and engaging project-based learning for every afternoon, and Instructional Aides run clubs for each group once a week. For questions regarding the Cunniff Extended Day Program contact Laureen Raftes, Site Coordinator at 857-540-0690, [email protected]

    b. Hosmer Extended Day Program
    The Extended Day Program seeks to provide a safe, nurturing environment for children. While recognizing the opportunities for learning and growth during after school hours, we believe that children need a change of pace during their after school time, including time for rest and relaxation. With this in mind, we provide a program in which children may choose from a variety of structured enrichment activities and unstructured playtime when they may visit with friends and schoolmates or play quietly by themselves. Homework time is provided daily for children in grades 2 to 5. For questions regarding the Hosmer Extended Day Program contact Reis Colgan, Site Coordinator at 617-926-0457, [email protected]

    c. Lowell Extended Day Program
    The Lowell Extended Day Program (LEDP) provides a safe, nurturing environment for students of the Lowell School from 2:30 p.m. until 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. This is a tuition based program. Information is available in the menu area "Registration Forms and Information". The Lowell Before School Program is open to students every day that school is in session from 7:15 a.m.-8:10 a.m. Staff provides students with quiet activities and a smooth transition to their teachers to start the school day in a positive way. It is a tuition-based program. Information can be viewed in the menu under "Registration Forms and Information.” For questions regarding the Lowell Extended Day Program contact Adam Vachon, Site Coordinator at 617-926-7779, [email protected]

  5. Will the Extended Day Program be open during Parent Conferences?
    Yes, the Extended Day Program will be open during parent conferences

  6. Will the Extended Day Program be open during early release days professional days on March 1, 2017 and May 24, 2017?
    The Extended Day Program is open to all Extended Day students on early release days immediately following early dismissal. Extended Day is not open on full day, district-wide professional development days where school is closed to students.
  7. What role do parents and guardians play in program decisions and schedule planning for the Extended Day Program?
    The Extended Day Program at each elementary school provides parents and families the opportunity to provide feedback and have input on program decisions through the creation of site specific parent advisory boards. Any parent or guardian is able and encouraged to participate in their Extended Day Program's Parent Advisory Board. Parents interested in joining the Parent Advisory Board can reach out to their school's Site Coordinator for additional information as well as upcoming meeting dates.

Extended Day Programming: Preschool / Pre - K

  1. What is the difference between Early Steps Preschool and Pre-K?
    Early Steps Preschool is an integrated program designed to provide services to children aged 3-5 with or without disabilities. In each Early Steps Preschool class, there are slots for eight “typically developing” peer partners available to parents on a tuition basis. There are seven slots per classroom that are reserved for children with disabilities
    found eligible for special education services through the IEP Team process. Early Steps Preschool classrooms have been housed at the Hosmer Elementary School, and have now expanded to two new spaces at the Phillips building.
    For most children, the Early Steps Preschool is a half-day experience.
    Pre-K Classes are offered to students age 4 that will be eligible for kindergarten the following school year. This program runs 5 full days and follows the schedule of Watertown Public School elementary schools. There is one Pre-K located at each elementary school. Students register for Pre-K in January. Waiting lists are generated once classes reach 18.
  2. If one fills up, can we switch to another program?
    This is a possibility, although most children recommended for the Pre-K classrooms have already experienced one or more years of pre-school, so it would be unusual for a parent to request to move their child from Pre-K back to Early Steps Preschool.
  3. Do the children in the Early Steps Preschool at the Phillips have access to Extended Day Programming?
    No, the Extended Day Programming is not offered to Preschool children either at the Early Steps Preschool at the Hosmer or the Phillips.
  4. Is there a “Waiting List” for some programs?
    Currently there is a waiting list for both Early Steps Preschool peer partner slots, as well as for the Pre-K classrooms at each of the elementary schools.
  5. Who do parents call if they have questions specific to Preschool and Pre-K?
    Preschool and Pre-K questions should be directed to the Director of Early Childhood, Karen Feeney. She can be reached at by email at: [email protected] or by phone at (617) 926-7765