Summer Enrichment Courses for Grades 6-12

Watertown Community Education is pleased to offer summer enrichment courses for Watertown Public Schools students entering grades 6-12. While some of these courses may have an academic component or complement a core subject area, these enrichments are not academic courses, are non-credit-bearing, and do not provide grades. The intention of these summer enrichment courses is to provide students with the opportunity to try a new hobby, explore an area of interest, engage in activities with their peers, be physically active, and simply have fun!

These courses are included as a part of our Adult & Community Education Catalog.

Our 2022 Spring/Summer Adult & Community Education Catalog is available online, with offerings running from late May-late August, 2024.
This catalog includes courses for adults, courses for high school students, courses for middle school students, courses for elementary school students, and courses for parents and children.
The catalog and registration form are online and can be accessed through the links below. The registration form can be accessed by clicking the link under the course descriptions in the catalog, or through the link below.

2024 Spring-Summer Adult & Community Education Catalog Link
2024 Spring-Summer Adult & Community Education Registration Form - This link will be activated once the catalog has been released. To be notified when the catalog is released or when new courses are added, please join our Email List by clicking this link or entering into your browser.

For questions regarding summer enrichment courses, Jeff Bodner at [email protected] or 617-926-7764.