Instrumental Rental Information

Watertown Public School 3rd and 4th Graders have the exciting opportunity to play an instrument!

Participants will have one 40-minute lesson each week.

**Lessons are free, however, students need to have an instrument.**

Parents may acquire instruments anywhere they prefer, but our experience indicates that purchasing new instruments of unknown quality at bargain outlets or internet auction sites is not advisable.  Purchasing used instruments that may require repairs to play properly is also not advisable.  Rental instruments need not be new but should be a known name brand, in perfect playing condition and in a sturdy case, with loaner instruments immediately available should beginning students mishandle their instrument and repairs are needed.  Educators agree that quality instruments are crucial to each student's early success and continued commitment.  

Music and Arts partners with Watertown Public Schools to provide reliable instrumental rentals at a low cost.  As part of Music and Arts service, the high-quality instruments we request are made available as rentals.  Routine repairs and exchange instruments are available during scheduled weekly service calls.  Information about renting instruments from Music and Arts is below.  For more details or questions about rentals, please call Music and Arts directly.  Also, be sure to attend instrument distribution night so that you can work directly with representatives from Music and Arts.  You will leave the evening with an instrument in hand and your child ready to begin lessons.
The Watertown music teachers do NOT work for the company.  We work for YOU.  Please email us if you want an informed opinion about an instrument you already own or one you are thinking of purchasing from another location.  Our goal is to get a quality instrument in the hands of your child so that they will have a positive experience.  Ask us; we are here to help.


For students that need an instrument, Music & Arts offers a rent-to-own program. If your child is participating in the instrumental program and needs to rent an instrument, Music & Arts will be hosting Instrument Distribution Night in Watertown on Monday, September 25 at 6pm in the Watertown Middle School Auditorium.

A parent or legal guardian must be present to sign the rental agreement. Please avoid cash payments.

Personal checks or a major credit card will help eliminate delays at Instrument Distribution Night. A credit card or debit card and a license are required to complete the rental agreement.

If you are unable to attend the Instrument Distribution Night, but are in need of renting an instrument, you may visit the Music and Arts store and let them know that the rental is needed for a student in Watertown.

Music & Arts

841 Beacon Street

Newton Center, MA 02459


See the information below regarding prices for renting an instrument from Music & Arts:



String Instruments


$136.88/first 10 months

$30.38/month after that


$136.88/first 10 months

$30.38/month after that


$210.63/first 10 months

$47.25/month after that

Band Instruments

(Pricing includes an initial 3-month trial period followed by monthly payments)


$30.38/first 3 months

$30.38/month after trial period


$30.38/first 3 months

$30.38/month after trial period


$30.38/first 3 months

$30.38/month after trial period


$30.38/first 3 months

$30.38/month after trial period

Alto Saxophone

$47.25/first 3 months

$47.25/month after trial period

  • If you already own an instrument, let your school music teacher know. If it is in need of some minor repair, we can arrange to have it fixed at your expense. You will still need to pick-up the other accessories at the Instrument Distribution Night or at the Music & Arts store.

  • Please contact your school music teacher if you plan to buy a musical instrument from an online source (Amazon, EBay, CraigsList, etc.) or from a big box store (Walmart, Target, etc.) as the quality of these instruments can be questionable.


All students will need to purchase a method book. We also recommend that students have a music stand for practicing at home. We will have some rehearsals and concerts in which we students will be expected to bring their music stand. Some woodwind instruments (clarinet and saxophone) also require reeds. Please see the information below regarding prices for instrument accessories:

Essential Elements Method Book One


Music Stand


Rico Reeds, size #2, box of 10 (for clarinet and saxophone only)

$20.18 (clarinet)

$24.43 (alto saxophone)