Elementary Instrumental Program

Welcome to the Watertown Public School's Elementary Instrumental Program

Students may choose to begin learning to play a band or string instrument in 4th grade. Lessons will be held in groups with Watertown Public School Music teachers, 40 minutes, once a week. Fourth grade lessons start before the start of school in small groups of similar instruments. Fifth grade lessons happen in a band setting (larger group of mixed instruments) during the school day. Lessons are part of our music program: there is no cost to learn an instrument! However, students will need an instrument and the appropriate accessories. For more information about renting an instrument, click here: Instrument Rental Information.

Third and Fourth grade students may choose from the following instruments:
Instruments for elementary
Fourth grade students may also choose from the following instruments:

Elementary Instruments

Fifth grade students may choose to start percussion lessons. They will not only learn to play the snare drum but will also be expected to learn to play the bells. Learning snare drum will require learning to read rhythmic notation and playing bells will require learning to read pitches as well.

When it come to learning an instrument, success requires a certain level of practice time and commitment.  The WPS instrumental program has the following requirements in place in order to ensure the success of all of our students. 


Please read the following requirements carefully and make sure that you and your child are able to make this commitment before choosing to participate:


  • Students are expected to attend each weekly lesson. Grade 4 lessons are from 8:00-8:40am. Students are expected to arrive by 7:50am so that students can set up their stands and instruments and the learning can begin promptly at 8:00am.

  • Students are expected to practice four times a week for 20-30 minutes.

  • If a student is unable to attend a lesson, a parent/guardian is asked to notify their instrumental teacher. Students who have three unexcused absences a term will no longer be able to participate in the instrumental program.

  • Students are expected to fill out their practice log weekly and parents/guardians are expected to sign it prior to the lesson.

  • Students are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances.

  • Students are expected to wear white on top and black on the bottom for all performances.

  • Students may be expected to bring their music stand to particular rehearsals or performances. Teachers will notify students in advance when they will need to bring their stand.