The Watertown High School MA KwarQs

The KwarQs, team number 2423, is one of many high school robotics teams in the FIRST program. The FIRST(For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology) Robotics Competition is a well-established and highly successful hands-on program that engages high school students in science, engineering and technology. Teams of students partner with adult professional mentors and corporate sponsors to design and build an industrial grade mobile robot.

Latest Updates

Feburary 1, 2009: Update of Team Activities After the Fourth Week

As the fourth week of build season rolls by the team has continued to work diligently. Maxine has been doing an excellent job with the art for both for team fliers and the design for a logo to go on promotional ducks which we shall give away during the competition. Further work has also been done on the team's new website (which will hopefully launch soon). The website will have team member bios and many other informative features included. Team members have also been continuing to practice shooting balls at the trailer which we have finally hooked up to jack to provide a more realistic shooting scenario.

The drive-train and chassis are now under production and some of the students (Katelynn and Michelle) along with Malik traveled to Boston Dynamics today to do machining for it. Yesterday, we began work on starting the wheel assemblies for the drive-train. Hopefully the chassis we be welded quite soon. Learn More

January 20, 2009: Update of Team Activities

Over the last week and a half or so the team has continued to work hard on achieving our goals. The programming team has done a lot of hard work and Amory was even able to make his precious compass drive a reality. Russ, along with a team of students managed to finally complete a trailer for us to practice with today. Maxine organized a group of students (Andrew, Chris, Campbell, and I) to practice throwing moonrocks at the currently stationary trailer from different distances as well as while sitting down. It is a lot harder than it looks but really fun to do. Learn More